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2005 Scholarship Recipient Introductions at May Section Meeting

DuWayne Carlson Scholarship:

A DuWayne Carlson Scholarship was awarded to Brad Ralston, the son of Catherine and Er Ralston. The academic credentials that helped to earn this scholarship are outstanding. As a member of the National Honor Society, Brad’s Grade Point Average and SAT scores will no doubt gain him admittance into the school of his choice. He is also an accomplished musician. Playing percussion for the Reynolds marching band and jazz band, he is a section leader and writes arrangements for the band. Brad’s list of awards and honors in music is truly commendable. He has been involved in scouting for the last seven years and was recently awarded his Eagle Scout Award for putting together a music library for the school system.

A second DuWayne Carlson Scholarship was awarded to Amber Cox, the daughter of Althea and Roger Cox. Many members of Section 1109 know Roger, from the registration table or from the beverage cart at the golf tournament. What most members didn’t know, was that he and his wife have raised a intelligent, talented, beautiful young woman. In addition to being an excellent student and on the National Honor Roll, Amber’s teachers and counselors know her to be an outstanding leader. She volunteers at a local hospital, with Special Olympics, teaches Sunday school, and has held various offices on student council, just to name a few. Amid these commitments she also finds the time to play competitive level tennis: varsity, regional, and all-conference. (Evidently she’ll sleep when she gets to be our age!) In September Amber plans to continue her education at UNC or NC State.

A third DuWayne Carlson Scholarship was awarded to Jessica Matthews, the daughter of proud parents Gloria and Jeffrey Matthews of Salisbury. Jessica has been working diligently, steadily, and consistently at NC State where she is majoring in Zoology with a minor in Nutrition. It has been a privilege for me to follow Jessica’s progress at State through the scholarship process. She has continued the hard work that earned her the DuWayne Carlson award in 2002 and never skipped a beat as she transitioned from high school to college. At State she joined the Pre-vet club, and works as a technician at veterinary facility. These are very good moves for an aspiring veterinarian. She is obviously a determined young woman who is goal oriented, and keeps her eye on the prize. The award of a DuWayne Carlson Scholarship will help Jessica achieve her goals.

Local College Scholarships:

Jose Tan II was the unanimous choice of the GTCC faculty and staffs this year to receive the entire scholarship of $1,000. His performance and contributions on campus so greatly exceeded his classmates' that GTCC’s administration didn’t want to split the award; there was no close second (GTCC generally splits their award between two students). Jose maintains a 3.83 GPA. In addition to tutoring his fellow students in math, physics, and drafting, Jose served as Project Manager for an automatic Pet Feeder project, and Chief Draftsman for the French Catapult Project. It was his willingness to stay and help others that caught his instructor’s attention years ago, and brought him to our attention, earning him an ASQ scholarship for $400 in 2002. Jose’s leadership and caring still speak to the best within us as he continues to strive giving his utmost efforts to everything he undertakes.

NC A&T and Dr. William James selected Mr. Emmanuel Woke as the recipient of the scholarship destined for their school. Mr. Woke, like many of our recipients in the past, is making a new home in the America, emigrating here from Nigeria. In his homeland he worked for a petroleum company and eventually oversaw the operations of ten retail gasoline and convenience stores. His continuing education is very important to him and a priority as he maintains a 4.0 GPA. He was deeply touched by our award, as you will see from this thank you letter.

Thank You Letters:

A thank you letter from Emmanuel C. Woke:

“This is to acknowledge that I am in receipt of your letter in which you advised me of Central North Carolina Section 1109 of the American Society for Quality’s intention to award a $1,000 scholarship to me during the section’s dinner meeting.
“It is with enormous gratitude that I am writing to thank you and the section for making this scholarship available and choosing me as the recipient of this year’s award. As a non-traditional student with a family and some mounting financial responsibilities, your good will in this regard is greatly appreciated. I will use this money to register for second summer session. You have now made it possible for me to attend.
“Additionally, it will be my pleasure to attend the section’s dinner meeting, as I look forward to thanking you and the section in person.
“Once again, thank you for the contribution and for the promotion of academic growth.

Emmanuel C. Woke”

A thank you letter from Brad Ralston:

“I’d like to thank you and the rest of the scholarship committee so much for offering me the DuWayne Carlson Educational Scholarship. I will be attending Vanderbilt University, which would not be financially possible without the help of organizations like ASQ.
“While studying Music Composition at Vanderbilt next year, I will not forget that the privilege to do so is so greatly due to this sort of scholarship. I would also like to thank you for inviting me to attend the last dinner meeting, at which I enjoyed meeting other scholarship recipients and ASQ members.
“Thank you again for your generous scholarship,

Bradford H. Ralston”

A thank you from Jessica Matthews:

“I just wanted to thank you for all your work putting together the ASQ Scholarships. I am so thankful that you all work so hard to put this money together for people like me. I will be using my money to pay for my vet school admission fees, as well as using it to pay for the GRE and books. Thanks again for all of your involvement and kind words – they mean so much.

Jessica Matthews”

A thank you letter from Amber Cox:

“I would like to thank you for selecting me as a recipient for the DuWayne Carlson Scholarship. I understand that Mr. Carlson was an excellent educator and promoter for quality. It is truly an honor to be chosen for this scholarship in his name and I will use these funds to best supplement my education. Thank you again for your generous support.

”Much love,
Amber Cox”


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